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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Though there may be arguments related to the research that eating vegetarian diet decreases the chances of cancer. Too much of meat consumption is normally associated with higher risk of cancer. Eating excessive amount of meat can be bad for your heart as it increases your cholesterol level and some other health related things.

People who does not believe in such research strongly believe that having cancer is not related particularly with your diet, although studies signify a different result of lower cancer risk in vegetarian people when compared to meat eaters. Researchers, while performing such research have categorized the study participants in four parts-meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarian and vegans.

People who love eating meat suggest that meat contain healthy nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Iron, which sometimes the Vegetarians or the Vegans lack in their diet. But on the other hand, plant based food contain phytochemicals which strengthen your immune system which is quite necessary to fight off cancer or any other disease. Another thing which plays a vital role in fighting off cancer like diseases is Fiber, which is present in adequate amount in plant-based food.

So if you have chosen to be a vegetarian or a vegan, the most important thing which you have to be careful about is a balanced diet. If you are not sure as to which food gives you sufficient amount of proteins, vitamins or iron, get some help from a dietician. 

Though various studies and research are still being done by the scholars and researchers all over the world to suggest proper food for lowering the risk of cancer, most people are moving towards vegetarian food. This is why The American Institute of Cancer Research promotes plant-based food for a healthier life. As per their suggestion, your plate should contain two-third part of your meal in plant-based food. Some blood tests analysis of vegetarian people also suggested that they have more of white blood cells in their body, also known as natural killer cells, which attack and destroy cancer cells of your body.

Therefore, choosing your side is totally your decision, but one thing to be remembered is that your diet should always be healthier. Just by cutting meat from your meal does not necessarily mean that you are at a lower risk of getting cancer in your body.