Characteristic Features of CancerWhen we speak about cancer we should remember that there exist more than a hundred varieties of it and each of them has a list of characteristic features though some of them are common for different varieties of cancer.

A very important thing is that sometimes it’s very difficult to diagnose some varieties of cancer in early stages because they aren’t seen evidently. Therefore, if we want to stave off or to reveal the disease, it’s necessary to use cancer screening and to estimate the danger in each case.

A list of uncommon cancer symptoms:

  • You are always tired: It is one of the most frequently observed symptoms of cancer. It is more characteristic for the late stages of the disease, but it may be present from the very beginning of cancer. Usually anemia is blamed for it -- a state that is connected with many types of cancer, especially those which affect the bowel. Fatigue is a symptom of Both malignant and non-malignant types cancer are characterized by fatigue and should be reckoned up by the doctor.
  • You eat as usually but grow thin: Of course it’s very pleasant to loose 10 or even more pounds, but when you loose your weigh unintentionally but it should prick up your ear. Go to the doctor, if it’s not a cancer, something other may be wrong with your health.
  • You feel pain: Usually people feel it in cases which are connected with bone. In most cases it appears when cancer is progressing and starts to affect other organs and nerves.
  • You are running a high temperature: A fever is a non-characteristic symptom of many easy to difficult states, cancer as well. In connection with cancer, a continuous temperature is the result of stress on the immune system. Fevers are mostly connected with types of cancer that influence the blood, such as leukemia and lymphoma, but are also examined in people whose cancer has spread.
  • Bowel changes: If you struggle constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stools, gas, thinner stools, or some other changes in bowel habits, go to the doctor. These are the symptoms of colon cancer, but may occur in the other types of cancer too.
  • When you cough constantly: When you can’t get rid of the cough, let your doctor examine you. You may have cough with blood and/or mucus which is caused by many conditions. A chronic cough with blood or mucus can be symptom of lung cancer.

Remember that these are common characteristics of cancer. If you have some of them, it doesn’t mean that you have cancer. But in any case you should visit your doctor to be sure that everything is OK.